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TG Lift LLC was formed in 2011. The new company was launched by entrepreneurs who had previously worked or had been partners in several well-known Estonian lifting and fastener equipment companies, such as LTD Reital, LLC Palustre, LLC PECC Kraanaehitus(crane construction), LLC CERTEX Eesti.

We came to the market in order to use our existing experience, to enrich the market with new services, products and brands, to provide competition for existing firms in the same sector and to balance prices on the market.

Our people have great experience, required knowledge and contacts. We also have many strong and stable supply channels and a small warehouse for the most common products needed daily, which allows us to be a great help and professional business partner.

We work directly with producers from all over Europe, but also from Asia, so that gives us the possibility to be very competitive.

The fastest and most accurate information about our products and services will be available to you if you call us or send an e-mail! We believe we can find the best, fastest and most favorable solution for You!


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tel. +372 52 95 634


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